An Introduction

I have spent majority of my life dealing with troubled skin, and not just your average acne spot here and there. I have gone from hell and back multiple times, having rosacea and severe cystic acne. It definitely has not been easy, and I’m still battling with it, finding confidence in myself everyday.

I’ve created this blog to share my personal experience with acne, different skin conditions, and my plans for the future. I want to share reviews of my favorite products/treatments, things that have worked for my skin and things that haven’t, from medications, to crazy diets and exhausting routines. Skincare has become such a huge and important thing in my life that I’ve decided to focus my education and career around it to help as many people as I can who are going through the same struggles I have.

Not only do I want this blog to focus on my skin journey and stories, but I also want to share some of my other interests like my love for beauty and improving my lifestyle.

My goal is to make this a positive place to visit that’s relatable yet inspiring.

3 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I have been struggling with cystic acne for years now and have deep scars from it, what are some things that work for you. My dermotologist has me taking antibiotics (Doxycycl) and they want me to take it for a year. I know taking antibiotics for that long isn’t good for you immune system but it’s the only that works right now. Is there anything you do to keep it at bay, like a more natural pill form?……


  2. I’m a little sad still that your leaving your YouTube channel but i also understand how busy life can get and that not everyone does YouTube for a career or paycheck and real life can be daunting enough. But i have to say your videos have helped me soo much esp with my ongoing battle with anxiety and depression and for awhile i had given up hope that things were going to get better or improve and i felt like the world was coming to an end. I had gone to school in hopes that it would get my mind off of it i had tried to get into majors that i didn’t really like or have a passion for just cause i thought at least i won’t have my parents and best friend worry about me and my future. And i tried getting into another career field that again i had no passion for to please the people around me and i just wanted to ignore the feelings and struggles tossing around in my mind. Sure enough none of that schooling worked out and i feel lost right now still. But im slowly rebuilding a better and i hope healthier new life for myself and trying to develop a better insight towards my goals and overall outlook. Also, i really am trying to open up to the idea of starting a healthy romantic relationship with a guy because for the longest i didn’t trust anyone or that to be a possibility. However, my physical and mental health are more of a priority lately and i am glad i’m working on myself. There are many days where i want to give up on starting the day and to go back to sleep or slack but i do my best to give my all and not push myself too hard. I desire to be better motivated and do what i can to build a future that makes me happy and its not easy at all but i know i am worth it and that i am a fighter and i believe in myself now and i want to make me proud. The path towards greatness is usually no easy feat but it is a worthy journey and i like to think i have a better handle on things now than i used to. Thanks to u Crystal or anyone who read this whole comment and thanks for your bravery with opening up on tough topics and helping people like me going through it. It does get better and i will persevere through the bad days and I will keep thanking God for this life He has blessed me with and for His unfailing love towards me. God bless everyone who sees this!


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