A Lush Haul

It’s been a good couple years since I last purchased anything from Lush. Not sure why because Lush is by far my favorite cosmetics store! I’ve never really had a nice bathtub where I could relax in and take a bubble bath, but recently we redid our bathroom/tub and I thought this would be the perfect time to pick up some bath bombs! Lush also has some amazing skin care products, and if you know me at all you’ll know I’m a sucker for skincare!



This adorable bath bomb is called “Rocket Science”. I was drawn to its shape and sparkles for sure! It creates streams of hot pink & yellow, with a touch of shimmer to the bath water.  It’s uplifting, refreshing and makes your skin feel super cleansed and soft! This lil guy is also vegan! Check it out here!

This one was on display at the time, and caught my attention! The Guardian Of The Forest bath bomb, this one is new to lush and has a fresh, woody aroma! It made me feel squeaky clean too! When I dropped it in the water it created beautiful shades of yellow and green, leaving the water a dark green color once it was dissolved. Made me feel like I was swimming in a lake or some sort of forest stream haha! Check it out here!


IMG_33271   The last bomb I purchased, which I still have yet to try is called Avobath! Out of the three this one smells the best, I can’t wait to give this one a try! As you can probably tell by the name it contains fresh avocado as well as olive oil and lemon grass! It’s supposed to leave skin feeling hydrated, nourished and soothed.  Check it out here!

Last, I wanted to pick up their cleanser called Herbalism. This cleanser was one of my favorites in the past and it had been a couple years since I last purchased it! It’s great for people with acne/oily/combo skin. I still use my Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cleanser which I made a post about here , but Herbalism is great to use twice a week in my routine for a nice gentle exfoliation! It contains ground almonds, rosemary, and rice bran to absorb excess oil. I love the natural scent it has and the bright green color! Check it out here!